Monday, July 16, 2012

"Act Like A Grownup"

The last couple of posts have been pretty heavy, so let's go a little lighter here.

This evening, I was playing with Isaiah, mildly play wrestling with him on the floor – one of my favorite things to do with the boys. As we rolled around, I'd grab a foot, smell the underside, and then say "Stinky!" Isaiah would giggle, roll, and proffer another foot.

Nathaniel, busily eating dessert, chimed in with something or other. So, I began teasing him, telling that his feet were stinky, too. He vigorously protested my assertion, which egged me on to do it more.

"Stinky Feet Tanny!" I began calling him.

Protests from Nathaniel.

"Stinky Feet Tanny!" I said again. And again.

Natty Lou was getting more and more upset. And, me, ever the child, couldn't stop.

Finally, Nathaniel sighed and said firmly, "Daddy, you're being a baby." He paused, then added, almost under his breath, "Act like a grownup."



Leeann said...


Oh, oh, oh.

The sight of your boys just made me cry.

They are so beautiful.

Isaiah doesn't even look at all like I remember him. Wow, he has become a little boy. Looks so much like Ryan.

And Tanny, bless his heart, just love him so much. I see a lot of you in him. Makes me laugh that he has the firstborn seriousness developing.

I have to see them. Soon.

Richard Lewis said...

You will, sis!