Friday, July 20, 2012

A Boy & His Boots


You just gotta love that photo.

Looks like our second child has entered the "Elmo Luv" phase of life.

Nathaniel loved Elmo for a long time. Elmo books, Elmo dolls, Elmo television programs, Elmo songs. If it was Elmo, it was prized. He still does love Elmo in some ways. But he never cared for the Elmo booties. Whenever we'd try to put them on him, he'd thrash around, resisting. The very few times we did get them on his feet, he'd immediately tear them off and throw them to the ground in disgust.

We figured those boots would be a dead ringer, entirely coveted by Natty Lou. But no. Isaiah, however, can't get enough of them. He points and grunts for the Elmo boots when he wakes up in the morning. He points and grunts for the Elmo boots when he wakes up from nap during the day. He points and grunts for the Elmo boots at night. He wants them on his little, chubby feet, all the time.

It will be interesting to find out whether his affection for the Elmo boots will extend to other Elmo merchandise. If it does, a lot of money is going to Elmo and his creators.

But while we may be poorer, we know Isaiah will be happy.


Leeann said...

So cute!! In this photo, I see a lot of Michelle. In the one of the two boys in the flowers, I thought Isaiah looked exactly like Ryan.

So I guess I may be shopping for some Elmo merch for a little boy's birthday? :-)

When's move-in day?

Richard Lewis said...

We'll be lucky to be in the house by mid-August. We're at the mercy of contractors at this point.