Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easter Dreamin'

I was driving to church this morning with my oldest son, Nathaniel. Michelle and the younger one, Isaiah, were staying at home, because Isaiah has a cold. Welcome to February, again, the cruelest month on the calendar for parents with young children. Nathaniel has been getting over a nasty cough himself, and he was babbling to himself as we motored along.

I think I mentioned something about how on this beautiful, blessedly frigid morning, it felt like February. Finally.

"Is it winter?" Nathaniel asked.
"Yes," I replied.

"What comes after winter?"
"Spring," I answered, and then reeled off the other seasons for good measure.

"When is Easter?" Nathaniel asked.
"That's in the spring."

"I like the Easter Bunny. He brings candy."
I grunted the equivalent of a nod.

"Will he bring me candy?"
"Only if you're a good boy," I said, riffing off the Christmas theme and figuring I'd use any incentive I can find to keep him on the straight and narrow.

"Where does he live?" Nathaniel asked.
I was stumped. I thought about this for a few seconds. Then, my mind still drowsy, I said, "Easterland."

Nathaniel thought about that one for a while.
"is that near Santa?"

How do you answer that one? Well, how do you?

So, I changed the conversation.

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Leeann said...

No of course it's not, silly! The Easter Bunny would freeze his tail off in the North Pole. Sheesh!

Looking forward to seeing the little whippersnappers soon. Less than a week!