Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Run

Isaiah got his first run in this weekend.

OK, so it was a ride as his daddy labored for eight miles. But it was his first time in the baby jogger, and he really seemed to dig the time. It was a Saturday morning, and the sun was shining brightly, an altogether beautiful beginning to the day. Birds were flitting back and forth from feeder to feeder, and I saw some finches hanging from the nyjer seed bag dangling from a tree branch. The grass, while brown from being covered for weeks by a blanket of snow, was showing signs of rebirth, a soft hue of light green on the blades' tips. I put on shorts and a light pullover, and then I wrapped Isaiah in little white bear outfit with ears on the hoodie. I used a beach towel and Nathaniel's name towel (thanks, Lee Ann) to prop Isaiah in the jogging stroller and belted him in. It was a snug fit, with barely any need to loosen or fasten the straps. He was made to be in there, I thought.

I got outside and began my run. The bike path that runs along the water is about a mile from our house, and that's where I headed. It's scenic, as you might imagine, winding along the town harbor and then following next to the water or poking a tad inward amongst the trees. And, it's pretty flat, which is a lot to like when you're pushing a stroller. As we got on the bike path, I felt the wind for the first time. It was a steady headwind from the north, and I got a little nervous, as I hadn't thought about covering Isaiah's hands. At least I had the presence of mind to wrap him in a blanket, so I was reasonably confident that his body or his feet weren't getting chilled. But we were running directly into the wind, and there was no screen for his face. I thought about turning around, but I figured I'd encounter the wind with any other route. So, I kept going, running ahead of the stroller (while holding on with one hand, I might add) to make sure Isaiah hadn't frozen. He was awake, and never made a sound. Not a grunt, a grimace, nor a fuss. He just sat there, and well, I'm not sure what he did. I like to think he admired the view as much as I did.

The best thing about running into the wind is that you turn around, and you get it on your back. So, by the time I turned around, I knew it would be a nice ride back home. Isaiah seemed to know it, too. Some folks who were heading the opposite way got glimpses of the little guy, and judging by their smiling faces, he must have appeared to be content. I think I heard another couple remark how sweetly he seemed to be sleeping.

What a trooper on his first foray in the baby running stroller, in a mid-March chill. I sure hoped he liked it as much as I liked having him along.

I can't wait to do it again.

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