Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rising Waters

I imagine you have heard about the heavy rains that have spawned flooding throughout the Midwest. It cut closer to home today.

I was reading an update this afternoon in New York Times' online edition, and there was a report that residents in some neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids, Iowa were being evacuated because of dangerously high water levels in the Cedar River. I later saw a report on ABC World News, broadcast from Cedar Rapids, that said the downtown area had been evacuated, and the rising waters were threatening the Czech & Slovak National Museum. On a side note, I remember running a story in our newspaper, The Slovak Spectator, about the Czech and Slovak presidents opening the museum in spring 1995. I had no idea where in the heck Cedar Rapids was, and I never thought I'd actually visit the place.

But I have. Many times.

And the reason is because Michelle is from Cedar Rapids. Her mother and sister still live there. The house is about a mile away from the Cedar River, as the crow flies. I've run right along its banks several times. It's wide and flows placidly, probably because the terrain around it is flat. I was running there last winter when I saw a hawk take off from a tree along the banks, swoop upward, bank right and sail majestically to the other bank. Another time, I saw a bald eagle sitting in the branches along the riverside. Beautiful sights, all, from a languid-looking river.

Now, it's a raging, angry beast that's causing a lot of damage. You can see it from these pictures.

Michelle tried to reach her mother and sister this evening, but no one was answering. We're pretty sure they're dry and fine, but it would be nice to confirm that.

Until then, we'll keep reading the latest. It's supposed to rain there again tomorrow and perhaps the next day as well. The river will grow higher.

Let's hope that will be all that happens.

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Leeann said...

I definitely hope they will be fine, Rich. Give Michelle a hug for me, as I'm sure she is worried and keep us posted on any further developments.