Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baby Moves

Our baby has made its first move.

We don't know what he or she was doing. Maybe it was stretching its legs. Maybe it was exploring. Maybe it was doing a somersault. Maybe it was petitioning for food or drink. Maybe it was uncomfortable and was switching positions.

Who knows?

At this point, it doesn't matter much. What does matter is our baby has moved for the first time.

What a wonderful moment.

Michelle told me yesterday after I had arrived home from work. She was lying in the hammock, bundled up in a Red Sox blanket as the sunlight began its daily descent through the trees behind our property. She said she felt a little pressure in the lower part of her abdomen. Kind of like a poking, but very mild, gentle even.

Then she felt a twinge of levity, as if she were riding in a car that had crested a hill and its wheels had briefly, very briefly, left the pavement. You could call it a flutter. Maybe a pressurized flutter.

She said she had felt the sensation several times already, and always when she was lying down. Today, she's felt more of them. Still, only when she's lying down. My completely unscholarly

Maybe the baby is pushing back.

Irritated little sucker.

I'd like to think he/she is playing around. I especially like the idea that the baby is checking out its environs, taking stock of things, like any good reporter.

Michelle goes to her obstetrician tomorrow, so I think we'll learn a little more. I believe an ultrasound will be scheduled then – probably for next week.

It's getting really exciting.

impression is that the baby is feeling more of the weight of Michelle's rounded tummy when she's lying on her back.

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Leeann said...

Well that is pretty darn freaking exciting! WHOO HOO!! Those little movements are the sweetest things. And trust me, they won't stay little for too long! By the end, her belly will be undulating like the Alien scene! lol

Kate used to move so hard that it could be seen, through my shirt, from across a room.

Chris was very calm. Very zen.

Trey? Poor kid. I either didn't notice or can't remember. lol

Congrats to the both of you. PLEASE let me know when your ultrasound appointment is.