Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moved In

Sorry for the radio silence. Well, we're in our new home. We moved in on Labor Day weekend, and we're happily ensconced. More or less. OK, less. Lots to do. Workers in and out, despite our best efforts to complete the major renovations before we moved in. One day, we had the floor guys, who, even after two months on the job, were grumpily reinstalling the trim along the baseboards. The electrician was there, putting in ceiling fans in the screened-in back porch and our bedroom (ah, yes). There was the wall guy, finishing the walls in the living room and library (expertly so and in two days time). And our friend Dave, who's helping with all sorts of jobs, from the central air to hooking up a washer and dryer upstairs.

In other words, despite our best intentions, our house was a beehive of activity, with us tiptoeing around boxes, furniture, randomly strewn toys and other stuff. But at least we could view progress taking shape in real time, because we were there.

And it's still going ... and going ... and going ...

The move itself was uneventful. Dave and I loaded a 20-foot UHaul truck, with much help from the women Murken and Michelle's good friend Laura. Everything sorted themselves beautifully, and we had that baby loaded in about one hour and a half. The unloading was even faster; we were done in 20 minutes.

Of course, that was only the beginning. The arranging and rearranging, the unpacking and placing and the cleaning and more cleaning remained. But at least we were, finally, in our house.


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