Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Money, Money, Money

Haven't filed in a while. I'll take the convenient excuse that I returned not long ago from a trip to North Dakota to "play" with Michelle's two brothers, one of whom lives in the Peace Garden State (sounds hippie-like, doesn't it? The residents must be confused with, say, Rhode Island, or some other super-liberal state). I'll detail that trip once I load some photos.

This post has to do about a little boy who's wising up to the concept and value of money. This past weekend, I was doing some cleaning in the kitchen (at least that's how I imagine my activity there) when Nathaniel came up to me brandishing a quarter.

"Daddy!" he said. "I found your money."
"You did," I said. "Where did you find it?"
"In a drawer."
"Which drawer?"
"Your drawer," he answered, without the slightest sense of guilt.
I considered whether I should reprimand him right there for rummaging around in my things.
"Oh. Then it's my money. Can you put it back in the drawer, please?"
"No," Nathaniel responded without a moment's thought. "I'm taking it to the bank."

The calculus: Start your investment by taking someone else's money and putting up none of your own.

Pretty shrewd, kid. I'll give you that.

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Leeann said...

Trickle down economics, right there! lol