Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

One fun thing about having a baby is it gives you an excuse to be a child again.

For someone who lapses into immaturity from time to time, this is golden. 

For someone who is flaky, this is golden.

For someone who likes to have fun  – and poke fun at others – this is golden.

For someone who likes to dip into the waters of irreverence, this is golden.

For someone who tries not to take himself too seriously, this is golden.
For someone who can use a periodic injection of zaniness, this is golden.

Am I talking about myself? Maybe.

Watch the video, and you be the judge.


Leeann said...

Oh Lord, Does that bring back memories!
Rob used to have Kate laying on his lap, facing him, and use her little arms to box, commentating all the while:

Jab. Jabjab!

We have videos to prove it. lol!

Maros Repassky said...

Hi Richard, good luck to you and to the whole (bigger) family. It was really great surprise when we have received Christmas postcard from your mother with this great news.
A teraz trosku po slovensky, aby si nezabudol.. ;)) : Prajem Tebe a celej Tvojej rodine do noveho roku 2009 vela zdravia, stastia, radosti a hojnost bozieho pozenania! Majo

kickstand said...

One of my favorite things about having my kids was getting out the Lego that I saved from my childhood. It's fun to play again!